Joseph Schuck: CD Package Design


I was approached by a friend of mine to design the CD package for his buddy, Joe, who had recently recorded a commemorative CD of songs written for his daughter. Joe was dying of cancer, so we had to move quickly and I could only work with supplied photography.

I never got a chance to meet Joe before he died, but I saw a photo of him smiling with the CD in his hands. That was payment enough for me.

p.s. the songs are great.

CD Package Design – For Me

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Yup, this is my own music. I’ve been writing and recording for quite some time now. I finally decided to just put some of my favourites into a nice little package with a pretty bow on it.

The concept: I wanted to create a Christian Rock CD without drawing too much attention to the artist. So, I did up a bunch of original paintings focused on a single musical chord, made with G, C and D. The shorthand nickname is “Gsus”. The paintings are shown as “larger than the human subject”, which seems appropriate for who the music was written for. At least, that’s the way I feel about it.

Both the music and the design are getting favourable comments.

Tim Hortons: Adopt a Donut

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This was an idea that hit me one morning when I noticed the design team descend on a dozen donuts. All but one was taken up in the first rush. This led me to feel a strange sort of empathy for the unchosen pastry. If I could give voice to the donut’s insecurities and low self-esteem, I figured I could help us all to be better-informed and more sensitive about how we choose our donuts.

And then I thought this would make for an excellent campaign to boost sales for coffee and donuts. So I wrote and designed this up.

Yes, the donut had a name… and it was “Delicious”.

My Coffee Mug

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I like my coffee, especially when I’m in a meeting. Custom speech bubbles allow me to be part of the conversation even while I’m drinking my hot cuppa. It’s less messy that way.

I made this during a team-building ceramic painting event at one of my previous jobs. My handwriting is usually less shaky than this ;^)

Calgary Transit Dragonboat Banner Art


This dragon art was created for the Calgary Transit Dragonboat rowing team.

The colourful waves were adapted from the new CT brand, which worked well to make the dragon appear to be swimming. The circular inset detail showcases the scale texture that was incorporated into the final art.

Finished size was 4m x 1 m.


Industry Cares Road Safety Billboard Campaign

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Field workers were getting hurt driving to and from the well sites in Saskatchewan. This campaign was launched to remind the communities where they live and work that safety is everybody’s concern.

Coming Alive Camp Logo


Logo for t-shirts, emails, posters, etc.

Christian Rock CD : St. Albert the Great Parish

The title “Building on Faith” was already in place when I was invited to design the artwork and packaging for this compilation CD. The base idea behind this concept was the question, “Who is the architect of life?”

The blueprint of a tree became the metaphor for a growing community of faith. Inside artwork of the tree in full bloom was provided by an artist in the parish.


Stampeders Golf Classic illustration

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This illustration was commissioned and employed as feature promotional image for the Stampeders Golf Classic.

DIG: Theatre Play poster


Promotional poster for a first-run theatre production of the play, “DIG”.

Premise of the plot was of an aging archaeologist who comes to question and thus uncover parts of his past that have always lingered unanswered and unresolved.