Hempco Website and Investor Presentation

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I was contracted to help a public company with a brand facelift as they were initiating a consolidation merger. They needed to communicate and demonstrate the advantages of the merger to their current shareholders while also attracting interest from a completely new audience. This all had to happen at the upcoming AGM, which was two weeks away.

I ramped up my understanding of their USP and various sub-brands and delivered a fresh and informative PPT deck in time for the May AGM. The website was redesigned and launched just 10 weeks later.

Several custom infographics and enhanced visuals were created as part of this whole re-launch.

The website (built and designed within WordPress) and presentation are available here ».

UCalgary Alumni 2016 ARCH AWARDS Video Wall

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UCalgary Alumni were looking for a way to acknowledge their outstanding graduates from the past 50 years. They came to me with an idea of a standard printed display (like a tradeshow booth), but they mentioned that they wanted to feature all 64 of their award winners from the past. Sounded cool, but kinda impossible.

I said “That sounds great, but I think it would look waaaay more impressive if it was a true multimedia infomercial-motion graphic-type thingy”. My real intent was to get them to open the parameters of the design piece so that we had a chance to give each person their 15 minutes of fame up on the wall. Their eyes got real big once I started mocking it up and then brought in a video specialist to fully realize the piece within Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. The final piece, which was a composite display wall built from six synced 80″ LED screens, stood over 7 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Jaw-dropping to say the least.

I pulled this together with the videographer in less than 2 weeks. I am now hooked on Adobe After Effects.

A modified version of the full video loop can be viewed here →

This was a 16 x 7 ft display wall. Try to keep that in mind when you see the teeny video sample.


Oncolytics PPT Presentation

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Investor presentation for a medical drug research company. Based upon source photography and 3D renderings, multiple custom graphics were created to support their slide deck.


Bukit Energy Corporate Presentation

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An imtermediate E&P operating in southeast Asia needed to clean up and smarten up their presentation deck.

A complete restructuring of the story, complimented by custom infographics and maps was designed and completed. Then it was restructured and rebuilt yet again when the company underwent a corporate name change and took on a new CEO.

Good times.


Newalta 2011 AGM Presentation

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Newalta had a bold mission and was looking for a unique visual device to help carry their message to the audience. Rather than a standard PPT deck, I chose to create and design a visual journey through the Newalta message (GROW). I used Prezi to build this… even though I had never used the software before. We went with it, because it was a cost-effective alternative to full motion video production work, and I managed the storyboarding to mitigate any hiccups/snags as the content progressed.)

I attended the AGM and witnessed how people were actually watching the screen and listening to the speaker, instead of playing on their phones or heading over to the refreshment table.

All-in-all, the day was a huge success for Newalta.

Click here to view the presentation →.

Sorry there’s no audio. I couldn’t record the execs talking on the day it happened, and they don’t like repeating themselves…

Crown Point Energy Presentation

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Corporate Presentation redesign and rebuild from the ground up. The redesign process included a complete story review and assessment, storyboard and brand new exploration maps.


Custom Map Design

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An exploration company operating in South America was having a hard time explaining the opportunity and value position of the under-explored blocks they owned. It turns out that the foothills region they work within is directly analogous to the the Canadian foothills strata, so it was not a huge leap to conclude that there were oil and gas formations similar in production magnitude yet-to-be discovered.

The challenge was that they didn’t have any maps that could clearly demonstrate this. I was brought in to help illustrate this advantage for the non-technical investors in their audience. I developed a series of maps that went from macro to micro, all with the proper level of detail and accuracy their geologist team demanded.


Gran Tierra Investor Presentation

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Complete presentation restructure and redesign to position Gran Tierra as an active producer, rather than just a risk-taking explorer. Exactly what the nervous investor wanted to hear.