Surge Energy Website

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Eight years after I designed their logo, I was contracted to help Surge with a website facelift. The old website was simply not working for them or their investors any more. It wasn’t responsive and it was a bit of a legacy mess, considering how things have changed, with smart phones and deeper understanding of how people consume information digitally.

The website content was reconsidered with an express purpose of making it easier for investors to get the info they need quickly. The focus was on content and clean delivery, however, I was able to convince the executive team that we could keep it simple and still make it more visually engaging.

Several custom info graphics and enhanced visuals were created as part of this whole re-launch.

View the new website here ».

And, for comparison’s sake, you can see the old site here ».

Hempco Website and Investor Presentation

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I was contracted to help a public company with a brand facelift as they were initiating a consolidation merger. They needed to communicate and demonstrate the advantages of the merger to their current shareholders while also attracting interest from a completely new audience. This all had to happen at the upcoming AGM, which was two weeks away.

I ramped up my understanding of their USP and various sub-brands and delivered a fresh and informative PPT deck in time for the May AGM. The website was redesigned and launched just 10 weeks later.

Several custom infographics and enhanced visuals were created as part of this whole re-launch.

The website (built and designed within WordPress) and presentation are available here ».

UCalgary Campaign 201 book and website app

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When life gives you lemons…

Due to a kooky situation with another designer who basically lost interest and dropped the ball (a.k.a. quit), I was parachuted into this design communications piece six weeks after the initial kickoff. I picked up the project with the same deadline looming and cranked up the design dial to “11”.

Working with a CD team lead, my initial deliverable was to design the base graphics and typography for the print piece. I gained approval from the higher-ups and motored into design fulfillment phase. There was some medium-level pshop and custom illustrator work to evolve the UCalgary energy into flowing light ribbons that wove through the design layouts, as well as full print pre-press and delivery to the print shop. This was all done within 12 working days (okay… I added in an extra 15 hours overtime, but I had to).

Then I (and one other production designer) designed and populated the web version for a launch date two weeks later. It’s a WP base site, so don’t get too critical, or be too impressed ;^) But it is also available as an app, which is kinda nice.

Here’s the online link to the piece →

5QIR Investor Relations Website

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A dedicated team of IR and Corporate Communications professionals who really know what they’re doing. They even built their own website, based upon a WP theme. Due to the fact that they were getting busier and busier doing the “communications” part of the biz, they hired me to give them a fresh and updated site design along with some enhanced visuals and messaging throughout. The challenge was that they wanted to keep their existing theme. So I had to basically design and build a new look from within the WP theme itself, using some custom coded CSS and widgets. It was a great experience for me and the client to go through.

We pushed the whole new website live 36 days after our first meeting.

View it here →


McCoy Global 2013 Online Annual Report

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Microsite synopsis of the year’s results, with a little bit of brand refinement thrown in to the mix. Client had undergone a name change and was specifically seeking to align their business model with a more “global” marketplace. I guess North America just isn’t enough. Custom animations were also part of the solution I got to develop. There was also a supporting print piece for the MD&A and Financials… but you probably could have guessed that.

Visit the site >

Gran Tierra 2014 Online Annual Report Summary


In an effort to reach a broader investor audience and align with their environmental policies, the company went online this year for their corporate and operational overview. Gran Tierra has always been a leader in their strategic communications approach, and this microsite delivers their value-added message of fiscal stability and prudent management uniquely and on budget.


Visit the microsite >

Gran Tierra 2013 Online Annual Report


Gran Tierra, at the time before oil prices fell, was a high-risk, high-reward exploration company. The risk was mitigated by the superior expertise of their geological and regional teams. Obviously, they were able to do things in south America both technically and socially that other companies could not. Their approach was not just applied science… there was an art to it as well. And that became the message theme.

Carrying over design elements from the printed piece, we brought them to life on the screen. I developed and illustrated animated paintings of their images that brought the point home. This was a company that married the “art” and “science” of energy exploration better than most.

View the full report here >>

Painted Pony Petroleum corporate website

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A brand new website design and build that is completely restructured and responsive. Enhanced investor briefcase and operations sections were developed to deliver all the info their audience needs in one place, rather than letting them click away to visit 3rd-party sites to get that same information. As part of a more thorough UX plan, I also worked with them to improve overall site usability (eg. reduce the number of clicks required to open/download archived press files from the site).

Oncolytics PPT Presentation

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Investor presentation for a medical drug research company. Based upon source photography and 3D renderings, multiple custom graphics were created to support their slide deck.


Bukit Energy Corporate Presentation

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An imtermediate E&P operating in southeast Asia needed to clean up and smarten up their presentation deck.

A complete restructuring of the story, complimented by custom infographics and maps was designed and completed. Then it was restructured and rebuilt yet again when the company underwent a corporate name change and took on a new CEO.

Good times.