Joseph Schuck: CD Package Design


I was approached by a friend of mine to design the CD package for his buddy, Joe, who had recently recorded a commemorative CD of songs written for his daughter. Joe was dying of cancer, so we had to move quickly and I could only work with supplied photography.

I never got a chance to meet Joe before he died, but I saw a photo of him smiling with the CD in his hands. That was payment enough for me.

p.s. the songs are great.

UCalgary Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

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I worked with a new CD this time and some great design concepts made it through to print in this issue. We pushed the boundaries a little bit and got some great photographers involved. The biggest challenge was sifting through the vast amount of content bites (150 of them) and turning them into something waaaaay more interesting than just another wordy list. Super-massive amounts of PShop work, btw.

All-in-all, this 52-page piece is great to hold and flip through.

Then I started preparing and populating a brand new responsive website platform for the magazine. No, I didn’t build it from scratch… it’s a WP template with some custom CSS styling.

Here’s the online link to the magazine →

UCalgary Alumni Magazine Fall 2016

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A full-on printed editorial magazine, believe it or not.

This was my first issue for UCalgary. I worked with one of the best editors I’ve ever met (that’s you, Deb) and some really great writers/photographers/illustrators to put this 56-page piece together. All-in-all, I’m pretty much still in love with how a magazine smells after it comes off the presses.

After it went to press, then I got to prepare and re-purpose all of the content for the online version, which is basically another three-weeks worth of work. I enjoy it when a website goes live too… but it just smells different.

Excerpt from an actual email: “…we just got the alumni magazine and I read every page carefully. It is REALLY good. The design, the content, the tone. Thank you. I was trying to remember if it was always this good… What have you changed of late?”

View the website here →       View the PDF Flipbook here →


Dr. Zeuss Fan T-shirts

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The band needed some new swag to sell at the shows.

I designed up two shirt styles (and coined the acronymn “DRZ” during the project). The second design was a nod to the 25 years we have been performing on stage together… all seven of us.


My Coffee Mug

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I like my coffee, especially when I’m in a meeting. Custom speech bubbles allow me to be part of the conversation even while I’m drinking my hot cuppa. It’s less messy that way.

I made this during a team-building ceramic painting event at one of my previous jobs. My handwriting is usually less shaky than this ;^)

Gran Tierra 2013 Online Annual Report


Gran Tierra, at the time before oil prices fell, was a high-risk, high-reward exploration company. The risk was mitigated by the superior expertise of their geological and regional teams. Obviously, they were able to do things in south America both technically and socially that other companies could not. Their approach was not just applied science… there was an art to it as well. And that became the message theme.

Carrying over design elements from the printed piece, we brought them to life on the screen. I developed and illustrated animated paintings of their images that brought the point home. This was a company that married the “art” and “science” of energy exploration better than most.

View the full report here >>

Oncolytics PPT Presentation

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Investor presentation for a medical drug research company. Based upon source photography and 3D renderings, multiple custom graphics were created to support their slide deck.


Calgary Transit Dragonboat Banner Art


This dragon art was created for the Calgary Transit Dragonboat rowing team.

The colourful waves were adapted from the new CT brand, which worked well to make the dragon appear to be swimming. The circular inset detail showcases the scale texture that was incorporated into the final art.

Finished size was 4m x 1 m.


The Next Level: Professional Development Conference


An I.T. company hosts an annual sales force training conference. They needed a logo that embodied the year’s theme and would serve as a call-to-action for everyone to keep working towards self-improvement. I proposed an old school video game style visual that was both playful and engaging. It was going to be used on banners, posters, screen presentations and certain bits of swag.





Crown Point Energy Presentation

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Corporate Presentation redesign and rebuild from the ground up. The redesign process included a complete story review and assessment, storyboard and brand new exploration maps.