UCalgary Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

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I worked with a new CD this time and some great design concepts made it through to print in this issue.We pushed the boundaries a little bit and got some great photographers involved. The biggest challenge was sifting through the vast amount of content bites (150 of them) and turning them into something waaaaay more interesting than just another wordy list. Super-massive amounts of PShop work, btw.

All-in-all, this 52-page piece is great to hold and flip through.

Then I started preparing and populating a brand new responsive website platform for the magazine. No, I didn’t build it from scratch… it’s a WP template with some custom CSS styling.

Here’s the online link to the magazine →

Sol Power Projects Ltd. Website

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Solar energy professionals who focus on the client experience first and foremost. They were looking to improve their corporate public brand while also enhancing their prior industry relationships. The main challenge was their extremely short timeline. We started with the content map and wireframe and agreed that the best approach was to design a single page scrolling site.

Then I went to work.

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UCalgary Alumni Magazine Spring 2017

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Solid editorial content leads to another excellent read, in print and online.

My second issue for UCalgary. Same editor (still awesome) and some really great writers/photographers/illustrators to put this 60-page piece together. Great to hold and flip through.

After it went to press, then I got to prepare and re-purpose all of the content for the online version, which is basically another three-weeks worth of work.

After the presscheck visit in Vancouver, I received this bit of feedback from the print rep:
Thank you to all of you. Best presscheck ever! Great design and experience was a key ingredient.”

View the website here →       View the PDF Flipbook here →

UCalgary Alumni 2016 ARCH AWARDS Video Wall

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UCalgary Alumni were looking for a way to acknowledge their outstanding graduates from the past 50 years. They came to me with an idea of a standard printed display (like a tradeshow booth), but they mentioned that they wanted to feature all 64 of their award winners from the past. Sounded cool, but kinda impossible.

I said “That sounds great, but I think it would look waaaay more impressive if it was a true multimedia infomercial-motion graphic-type thingy”. My real intent was to get them to open the parameters of the design piece so that we had a chance to give each person their 15 minutes of fame up on the wall. Their eyes got real big once I started mocking it up and then brought in a video specialist to fully realize the piece within Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. The final piece, which was a composite display wall built from six synced 80″ LED screens, stood over 7 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Jaw-dropping to say the least.

I pulled this together with the videographer in less than 2 weeks. I am now hooked on Adobe After Effects.

A modified version of the full video loop can be viewed here →

This was a 16 x 7 ft display wall. Try to keep that in mind when you see the teeny video sample.


UCalgary Alumni Magazine Fall 2016

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A full-on printed editorial magazine, believe it or not.

This was my first issue for UCalgary. I worked with one of the best editors I’ve ever met (that’s you, Deb) and some really great writers/photographers/illustrators to put this 56-page piece together. All-in-all, I’m pretty much still in love with how a magazine smells after it comes off the presses.

After it went to press, then I got to prepare and re-purpose all of the content for the online version, which is basically another three-weeks worth of work. I enjoy it when a website goes live too… but it just smells different.

Excerpt from an actual email: “…we just got the alumni magazine and I read every page carefully. It is REALLY good. The design, the content, the tone. Thank you. I was trying to remember if it was always this good… What have you changed of late?”

View the website here →       View the PDF Flipbook here →


5QIR Investor Relations Website

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A dedicated team of IR and Corporate Communications professionals who really know what they’re doing. They even built their own website, based upon a WP theme. Due to the fact that they were getting busier and busier doing the “communications” part of the biz, they hired me to give them a fresh and updated site design along with some enhanced visuals and messaging throughout. The challenge was that they wanted to keep their existing theme. So I had to basically design and build a new look from within the WP theme itself, using some custom coded CSS and widgets. It was a great experience for me and the client to go through.

We pushed the whole new website live 36 days after our first meeting.

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McCoy Global 2013 Online Annual Report

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Microsite synopsis of the year’s results, with a little bit of brand refinement thrown in to the mix. Client had undergone a name change and was specifically seeking to align their business model with a more “global” marketplace. I guess North America just isn’t enough. Custom animations were also part of the solution I got to develop. There was also a supporting print piece for the MD&A and Financials… but you probably could have guessed that.

Visit the site >

Fragments of Soul : Website

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I worked with Amy Dryer, an established artist in Calgary to redesign/build her website in order to help her showcase her art on the web. I also helped her develop the extra tools she needed to connect her social media channels, gather a subscriber database and perform a better job all-around in elevating her self-promotion game.

The site is based upon a custom-coded WordPress shell (not a template). I also was part of the client training process at the end.

Visit the site >

Gran Tierra 2014 Online Annual Report Summary


In an effort to reach a broader investor audience and align with their environmental policies, the company went online this year for their corporate and operational overview. Gran Tierra has always been a leader in their strategic communications approach, and this microsite delivers their value-added message of fiscal stability and prudent management uniquely and on budget.


Visit the microsite >

Painted Pony Petroleum corporate website

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A brand new website design and build that is completely restructured and responsive. Enhanced investor briefcase and operations sections were developed to deliver all the info their audience needs in one place, rather than letting them click away to visit 3rd-party sites to get that same information. As part of a more thorough UX plan, I also worked with them to improve overall site usability (eg. reduce the number of clicks required to open/download archived press files from the site).