Project Description

A full-scale awareness campaign back in the day when nobody down east really knew or trusted WestJet. And digital cameras were still not the norm. In a span of 7 working days, my co-creative director and I developed a new campaign (Pearson direct flights) using 28 creative message/design formats (posters, kiosks, e- screen displays, subway adverts, etc.) and I led a design production team to prepare all 132 physical pieces of collateral for delivery to the Toronto printshop.

It was the best week of my life (creative design hurricane) and it was the worst week of my life (stress / lack of sleep). I should also mention… that was the week I decided to drop Quark Xpress and use InDesign. Just cuz the deadline wasn’t challenging enough ;^)

The samples above are from the escalator/stairwell series.