Office Design 101: Suite Tip #4 – Importing Vectors Into MS Office

How many times has this happened to you:
You design/build a WORD/PPT file with your client’s logo on the header/master page. They approve the design and pay you to receive the final working files so that they can start using the template file for all their future internal/external documents.

A few weeks go by and you […]

Keyboards in My Life

OK, this post is going to be a psuedo-timeline of all the pianos, synths and drum machines I have owned over the past 3 decades. I can’t believe I have never actually done this before. Maybe because I was too afraid to find out how many classics I sold before they became “vintage”?
1. Bell […]

Get a better website done on time and on budget

OK, you started out with a clear mandate: you need to get a new website designed and built because your current site has a lot of problems. Pick your reasons, but I’m willing to bet they’re in the list that follows:

It looks old or outdated
The content is stale and difficult to update […]

Office Design 101: Suite Tip #1

Hey everybody.
Do you want to maximize the power of OFFICE? Of course you do. OFFICE is the complete design solution for everyone and their daily design needs.  It can do it all! And all you need to do is learn how to use it better.

Are you spending money on a “Freelance Designer” or “Agency” to […]

Understanding the Creative Process

Ever wonder how creative folks come up with the stuff they sometimes come up with?

It’s called the “Creative Process” but I like to think of it as basic problem solving. And the problems we creative-types deal with are as individual and specific as our clients are, but they can always be solved through effective and proactive […]

The Difference Between RGB and CMYK

RGB and CMYK are two different colour models, and understanding the difference can mean producing great-looking print materials rather than muddy, dull and disappointing ones. It’s all based in the science of how the human eye and brain perceive colour, so don’t blame me the next time your PPT printouts don’t look as fresh on paper as […]

Office Design 101: Suite Tip #3 – Printing Semi-transparent Objects

Did you know that high-quality printing from PPT is an “option”?
Yup, in the day and age where the average phone’s processing power rivals whatever we thought the folks on Star trek were supposed to be using, PPT still won’t print the design you see on screen faithfully because the parent company has decided you, […]

Not All Logo Files Are Created Equal

Being a professional designer, I sometimes get to work with clients who have been operating for a while, but have a desperate need to improve their brand and corporate appearance. Until they contacted me, they may have been getting by without investing much into their marketing or communications budget. But now they have decided it’s […]

Office Design 101: Suite Tip #2

Welcome back. This is my second post on tips to help you elevate your design skillz using the Office Suite.

If you missed the first post, it’s all good, because you’ve already got the software suite that will make professional designers obsolete anyway. Don’t worry about learning how to be a better designer… just let the […]

Five Ways to Improve Online Investor Communications

The tools and technology used to create digital media are changing all the time— it’s a fine line achieving balance between cutting edge and ease of use. At the same time, it can be tough to keep people’s attention long enough to get your message across before they click to the next shiny website. […]